Im sorry i think i should quit, clubpenguin is boring, so ill quit for a month, then i might come back later, but ill help paper with his vids and stuff, ill still make vids, i wont post anymore, untill i come back, but thats if I do, but theres only 20 percent chance i will come back, I will still help paper with his vids, and stuff  ill just help!

Ill miss everyone.. it was really nice to meet all of you, and i guess im better off without cp, cause im always on the pc, so i just need some time away from it for a while!
Thanks everyone for looking at my site and reading it and stuff, ill just make websites outside of cp, so thanks!!

Bye nice knowing u all…

By the way dont forget…

u all rock and stay rocking, dont forget..cause u all do really rock.

Thnx 😀

lol jk …LOl….:mrgreen:


Dress to impress

Hey ya!

Well the dress to impress is more day till i announce the dress to impress competition winner! So u all better vote b4 its too late!!

Ill announce the winner tomorrow, and sorry that i haven’t been posting lately,

Isn’t this weird

– Aguair is in a coma

– Halo 21 had feet surgery

– Mohd 222 – i think will or will not have surgury

– Papercuter’s pc crashed, and he has no internet for a while

What is this!! end of year breakdown, lol

Well u all rock my guitar!! lol




lol Jk..LOL…:mrgreen:


New theme…+ new header later on…

Well well well…

I did change the  theme, vote “Good” if u like this theme better then the old theme…vote “Bad” if you like the old theme better! And i will change the header later on,

By the way, later on to me……….(in other words) means i will take ages till i change it, but ill try my best.

If u have any ideas for the header then please comment!!!

And Should i have admins on my site?? Im asking u all so please help me out!!

Thanks every1..

u all rock my socks……

Iol jk…LOL… :mrgreen:



New newspaper!!!


Heres the new newspaper…enjoy it lol..i dont think anyone will reply to these posts cause no one goes on my site 😦


Thnx pplz…

u all rock my socks…

Iol jk…LOL 😛


Merry xmas!!


Xmas Scarf..MERRY XMAS!!


todays xmas!!! Merry xmas!! enjoy ur presents…

Today..the xmas scarf came out…finally!!! Its in the ski village, heres a quick snap shot…


Thats all….

lol jk…LOL 😛

Thnx u all rock my socks…..



By the way

Merry Xmas for tomorrow and have a nice new year…..um….Merry xmas eve!! enjoy all ur presents and everything!!

And the Scarf is comming out tomorrow so that will be awsome..even though i already have it!!

Thnx….n byeeee!! 😀


Hey..My first post!!

Well this is my first post, but first ill tell u a bit about moi..

Pengy name: Iol jk

Age ( in real life) : 12 turning 13

Is this ur first blog?: NO

 What colors do u like? hmm…I lve Red, BLACK, Blue, PURPLE

What colors do u hate? Pink

Why Did u make a blog? Cause club penguin is boring, and we need to put a little bit of fun into it! idk im just craping on.

Where can we find you? You  can find me in mammoth, frozen, or anywhere else. lol, i normaly buz around to diffrent places.

 What do u do when someone says the word “lol”? Well I normaly say, “Stop saying my name” or i just say lol bak. what kind of question is that?

Do u have any cp vids? Yes but on a diffrent pengy

What do u normaly wear? I normaly wear the santa hat,with the santa scarf, and im purple and i hold a bell, this is what i look like.


Lol thats my xmas look..


Merry xmas and enjoy the rest of 2007!!



Read this..

Hey there, if you wish to copy anything from my site, you have to ask me and credit me/site. Thanks Also.... If u want to be added to my blogroll.. Then just ask on the "Blogroll adding page" Bad language.. Try not to use loads of mega swear words, cause there's young children too, like 6 year olds lol, so u wouldn't want them to be learning those bad words... Thats all....Enjoy my site..if u have any suggestions please comment on "what should i do to improve my site page" Byyeee!!

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